Attack Thoughts

A Course in Miracles is a course designed to reverse the thinking of the World, in order to escape duality (the belief in separation).

Duality is the overriding belief system, particularly here in the Western world.

You may traditionally think of attack thoughts as something aggressive or judgmental about oneself, another or a situation, but in the course attack thoughts are considered differently.

An attack thought is any thought about someone or something as separate from oneself or God.

Examples of attack thoughts are:

  • Seeing someone as weak or in danger
  • And thought of individuality and separation
  • Believing in sickness
  • Compassion, caring & sympathy
  • Worrying about a loved one
  • Seeing someone in pain or suffering

Attack thoughts are best replaced with thoughts that align with God . The ego likes to keep us stuck in victim mode.

You may wonder why thoughts matter, but once you understand thoughts are creating how you experience reality you can start to assume responsibility for what you think and therefore what you experience.

Your mind is powerful enough to heal yourself and others in your reality when faith in self increases.

As each of us is also the creative power of God, once we understand this we have a responsibility to look at people and situations in a genuinely helpful way.

We are created in God’s image as we also create by our own perception.

This can make you appear uncaring to people who don’t remember or yet believe in the power of their thought.

Each thought created by the ego can be replaced by a divine thought that removes suffering. The Holy Spirit is always on hand to show us how to overturn attack thoughts if we just ask and await the thoughts in our mind.

If someone comes to us with a problem we can overwrite it in our mind with what we want for them. Seeing them as strong and able to overcome the situation is best. We can be guided in the moment as to how to deal with them in a helpful way.

“Each of our perceptions of “external reality” is a pictorial representation of our own attack thoughts.” (2:2)

We don’t physically escape from the world we see but we escape from the painful perceptions of fear and lack. Everyone is light and love underneath so look to their core rather than their temporary state. This applies to self perception too. The more we forgive in the moment the quicker problems transmute. Linear time creates the impression that people and situations are more solid and unchangeable than they actually are. We are energetic beings who can shift in almost unimaginable ways.

What do you think, give it a go? I love being able to help and heal people with my thoughts. I am getting more confident with practice. I’m not at Jesus level yet, but will definitely stick at it.

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