As Within, So Without

In our culture we are so used to taking cues from outside to determine our worth that we have little to no idea we are actually living life backwards. In fact our education system and many religious constructs are built around the inaccurate premise that we must prove our worth to an outside force.

As we are on the ascension path we are flipping the script. Our heart/mind is all power, what goes on inside us is what we experience outside. There are 3 main reasons why we are unaware of this:

1. We have no idea how powerful we are so we discount it.

2. We don’t pay enough attention to our thoughts and beliefs because we have no idea how powerful they are.

3. We have no idea our thoughts are creating our feelings.

There are some people who are insanely talented but their professional life doesn’t reflect their talents.

The outer world is nothing more than a shadow or a projection of our inner world. As we have lots of beliefs, expectations and assumptions in our subconscious from past experiences, we are unaware they are manifesting all the good and bad things we experience.

Essentially we each live in our own private movie, complete with actors acting out our beliefs so we can choose what we do and don’t like. Without fear this movie set-up works well because we get to create our own dream. Fear makes us frightened of our own shadow, which is ridiculous because we cast that shadow ourselves.

We are taught we live in an objective reality but we actually live in a multidimensional hologram. Waking life is as much of a dream as our night time dreams. When we are asleep with our eyes shut we are still able to see. In dreams we see with our third eye, much the same way we see beyond physical sight when awake. This is called seeing with the mind’s eye and how we recall visual memories and envisage unrealised potential. To live by the 5 senses is a very limited way to live and what keeps us stuck in a 3D box.

Changing a belief system may appear easy or difficult depending on level of confidence and determination.

3D consciousness makes everything seem infinitely more solid and stagnant than it actually is. As we increase our consciousness the same situations are seen as more fluid, less overpowering and scary.

We don’t realise that what we are experienceing as the outer world is simply our consciousness objectified and for this reason we each live in a very different reality. Although we may appear to share the same space, each person’s individual experience is coloured by their perception.

Perception is an ungodly concept based on differences including good and bad. If our perceptions are fear based we often feel the need to control the outer environment to stay safe. The outer environment is always safe and loving but our perceptions act like hallucinations warping the things we see to perpetuate our own narrative.

For example there are people who are frightened of Covid and live in a reality where they or their famiy and friends have been sick and or died. For those of us who know thoughts create reality we choose not to give Covid airtime and just focus on wellbeing as a given. I personally don’t know anyone who has become sick with Covid because I haven’t created it in my reality.

I have however unwittingly created many things in my reality I don’t like and still do. Now though, I don’t dwell on them and change my inner thoughts. Essentially when something happens we don’t like, a spiritually mature person will acknowledge, forgive and change the thought or belief that created it.

No-one coming upon this information immediately flips the script and shifts their beliefs overnight. It’s a painstaking process of faith and practice until one proves it to oneself.

We each have different sensitivities to aspects of life, ie. health, finances, travel, relationships etc, so each person’s experience is unique to them. Spiritual evolution is a very personal journey for those who want to transcend the matrix and return to divine freedom.

It is good to find coaches who have overcome situations similar to your own, but the real growth must come from one’s own dedication to learn and practice with humility.

The world really does revolve around each of us, but we each have anger, fear, guilt and shame to transmute before we feel whole and return to innocence. All of these emotions are essentially made up and can be let go of at any time, but our sense of self is so wrapped up in being a vulnerable body that this transition often takes many years.

As the outside world or creation is already perfect but only warped by our own perceptions, we really only have to clear our own distortions to transform the whole world. This is known as living by Chris Vision and involves letting go of any dualistic belief in separation and fear.

How wonderful is that!

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