Addiction to Fear

Are we a nation addicted to fear?

Why do most people watch the news when it is laced with fear?

Can we not see it’s designed to keep us hooked and afraid?

Do we have an addictive compulsion to the rush created by fear?

I gave up watching the news years ago because as a HSP it made me feel ill. It lowered my vibration and made me less able to function. Seeing others suffer is traumatic and although suffering is a part of life, focusing on it is never a good idea.

Many people love to watch scary and violent movies or read books about peril and disaster for fun.

The covid crisis is created by collective fear. When we collectively live in fear we can destroy our sanity and wellbeing. If we didn’t watch the TV we would have far less idea there was a problem out there. When we fear something outside ourselves we are literally pre-ordering external danger.

Fear lowers immunity as our body is focused on fighting the imminent danger rather than strengthening our immune system. Trauma can wire us to live in self-preservation mode, so our inner story is one of fear. Subsequently we encounter scary happenings in the external world without realising our focus created them.

It is possible to become fearful of happy emotions for fear of losing them.

Many fear addicts have an addiction to caffeine and sugary foods because they feel lost when not in an agitated state.

Calm, stable people seem boring and fear addicts are drawn towards people and situations that trigger their fear. Misery loves company.

Mental diet is perhaps the most important diet there is because the mind is the creative power of the universe. What we read, think, hear and watch is shaping our lives. It is a misnomer to be on high alert and prepared for danger because you are setting yourself up for that very thing.

Mental focus on hopeful, abundant, loving, empowered, safe, healthy things will bring you the improved life you seek. It really is an inside job. As reality is a holographic illusion where we experience what we think about or believe we are, it is plain to see where our attention should lie.

More and more people are switching off the news and realising they are freeing themselves from a life of turmoil. Not watching the news is not irresponsible it is wise in today’s day and age where it’s like watching a horror show.

Never underestimate the power of the mind because it is creating every single thing that happens to us. Remember perfect love casteth out fear and fear is always an illusion. God didn’t create anything to be fearful about, but he did create us with the ability to create heaven or hell for ourselves.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!!! LOL

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