A Dormer in a Day

01 June 2015

I love doing loft conversions – straight up!  This is the 4th loft conversion I’ve done and everything happens so fast, it’s super exciting.  Especially when you’re just soaking up the atmosphere, taking photos, nipping out for pork pies and making drinks for the guys in the sun.

For the project manager it’s the most challenging day on site because once the tiles are off it has to be made watertight again before they can go home.  It’s physically tiring and there’s lots of precision measuring and cutting going on in a short space of time.  There’s no floor in the loft so the guys are just walking on the beams.  Even though they are used to it, it’s not that easy, especially when you’re carrying large bits of wood and power tools.

I really admire the guys, they are masters at their craft, work brilliantly as a team and the banter on site is pure gold.  They started at 07:22 and finished at 12:49 (5.5 hours) IMPRESSIVE!  Stripping the roof is a relatively quiet job so they can get started early.

The tiles are coming off and being piled neatly – some to keep but most to be given away on freecycle

These beams are enormous and cost a fair bit

A support steel was needed as the roof span is wide and has to support two adjoining beams.

Cutting away the lats and removing the felt

The purlin is coming out on this side now

Out it comes

The joiner is very precise with his measurements and quick with the chop saw

The framework for the roof is starting to take shape

You can see where the two windows will go in the wooden frame

Break – time for pork pies and tea

This will be the master bedroom

This will be the small bedroom

Watertight for the night – thanks guys, you’ve worked very hard today…  I love the transformation – most exciting day of the renovation.

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