Neville Goddard

Everyone is You Pushed Out

Everyone is You Pushed Out (EIYPO) is a term made famous by Neville Goddard, who understood and taught about the illusory nature of what we call reality (maya). It actually applies to everyone and everything in this world. This concept is profoundly helpful and proven through experience. It also aligns with the teachings of quantum physics.

Essentially what Neville was saying is the world is a 3D illusion that seems to be objectively real but is really just our beliefs, expectations, assumptions, and thoughts made flesh. It’s a dream and we are the dreamer of the dream. People and the world are 3D energetic manifestations of egoic thought patterns we believe in.

This is why when we think of someone we may bump into them or they could text or call us or why something we have been looking for re-appears in our experience. It appears to be random but there’s a higher intelligence behind it all.

It is also why people have wildly different perspectives about the same occurrence, for example in a criminal lineup. We only really look upon what we think and feel, projected from within. It’s why some people seem to live in heaven and others in hell. Beliefs are created by recurrent patterns of thought, which create our emotions and subsequent perception. Our lives are the manifestation of our inner stories and thought loops. We are limited only by our thinking.

He also refers to the imagination as God. God created spirit/mind and we are all linked (or one) at the mind level, depending on your perspective. Although everything seems separate and random from fragmented consciousness, everything is actually connected and can never not be so. The mind is our divine power.

He also explained that ‘Creation is finished’, which explains the Big Bang, Fall from Grace, Tiny Mad Idea, and other terms which explain the appearance of bodies and the 3D world and galaxies. The universe was created long ago and we just loop within the dream thinking linear time is live. History repeats because we make the same mistakes in the present. 3D matter is dead and given life by the deceived mind.

People reflect our thoughts. You may have heard the term ‘there are no others’. What we think of as others are simply reflections of our own inner stories. Others appear to be separate and have a will of their own, but they are rooted in us and have to be as we create them to be.

I have created some very loving and some very scary versions of people when I was unaware of the mental power we humans possess. We live in a mental universe and the mind is a powerful tool. With great power comes great responsibility. We have the power to transform people from angels to demons by thought alone, because they are created by thought alone.

I challenge you to test this theory and prove it to yourself. It takes practice to step into your power. God is love and everything is protected if it aligns with love. Unfortunately we humans often confuse fear or conditional love for love and get burned in the process.

It doesn’t make sense that God would create a world where you could be betrayed, bullied, abandoned, attacked, rejected, humiliated, shamed etc. All of these unpleasant experiences and emotional states are 100% self-created; because we feel unconsciously frightened and guilty we separated from Source and deserve punishment.

This knowing is both a relief and disturbing at the same time, particularly when you and everyone else have a sick dualistic thought system ruling their life. There is a way out of hell (duality) but it is only found through unifying the mind.

You realise narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths are people acting out our shadow aspects for us to see. The ego loves us to believe we are a victim to these people but we can only really victimise ourselves. We create these seeming monsters in our experience, as there is no opposing force. When we are unconditionally loving with everyone and everything, we no longer attract these dark contrast experiences.

Lack of light appears as an opposing force, but only love is real. Doubt, fear and guilt seem to take on a persona of their own (satan, devil, anti-christ), but they are all delusions that can be dissolved with love. The 3D world is all smoke and mirrors. The holy spirit sees the 3D world as a meaningless dream.

When someone says something cruel to you, ask yourself if it is something you believe about yourself by don’t like to admit. Something you have unconsciously pushed out and now have to appear on the receiving end of. Other people are really messengers showing us what we think about ourselves and others. We really owe them deep gratitude for showing us what we are unaware of.

Will you look at painful situations and aim to heal the belief or will you blame the external and stay stuck? You will probably do the latter many times until you master living life a different way. The spiritual path is not easy but is worth it because consciousness doesn’t go backward. Radical self-love and self-responsibility are required to make progress.

Neville tells a lovely story about a young schoolboy who was disruptive and transformed by thinking about him differently. This is the same power Jesus used to heal the sick – we all possess this power. One must deny the evidence of the senses and walk by faith not by sight to manifest external change. The physical world is our stories made flesh, it is not objectively real.

If you end up in a legal dispute with someone, as hard as it is to believe, you are actually playing both characters and can dissolve the problem in mind, by no longer seeing them as an opponent. There is only one mind.

When people have near-death experiences they get to watch themselves from outside their bodies. This is because the mind is not really in a body, it just appears to be. The mind is eternal and cannot die – this is the only aspect God created.

As you progressively take your power back through thinking more lovingly and inclusively, so too do the characters in your reality shift and change. You don’t just interpret people’s behaviour differently, but their speech and actions towards you radically change. Boundaries you struggled to maintain start to enforce themselves as if by magic.

Sometimes a gentle reminder may be needed if someone steps out of line (ie. you waver in your faith), but it is important to remember you are only ever interacting with your thoughts made flesh as others. Love your brother as yourself is a reminder not to think unwanted versions of people into existence by falling for the erroneous belief that they are not you.

Some people are easier to change than others. The more ingrained the negative story about someone is the harder it can seem to shift. Forgiveness is the quickest way out. Being triggered seems like a bad thing, but the discomfort brings the issue into awareness to be re-interpreted, forgiven and loved.

When I consciously started on my spiritual journey I was mocked and ridiculed for sharing these teachings. I had to consistently remind myself that people were simply reflecting my fear and guilt and push through. In the Bible, this process is referred to as ‘walking through the shadow of the valley of death and fearing no evil’.

As I have incrementally forgiven myself and become more confident with the illusion, these difficult reactions have become less and less. People of a like mind have also appeared in my life, which also builds confidence and connection. Now people are appreciative and interested in the information I’m sharing most of the time.

When they are not I give them and myself love and keep going. It does get easier but is not always a comfortable journey. Facing the ring of fear we incarnate with is terrifying and feels real and impenetrable, but there’s nothing but God’s love on the other side.

A Course in Miracles says the world will end in laughter when we realise we have only ever been afraid of our own harsh judgments reflected back at us by seeming others.

We are afraid of our own shadow in a dream – when in truth we never left heaven…