2021, The Year of Truth & Healing

2020 has been a year no one will ever forget.

For the vast majority of people it will be about Fear, Covid-19, Lockdowns, Economic Struggle and Family Time.

For the Lightworkers, it has been a frustrating but necessary year to highlight the fact humanity has seriously lost its way. It has also been exciting because many of us have been doing inner work after recently waking up to the truth of our divine heritage and power.

It has been great to meet and chat with people online who are on the same mission to teach humanity how to save themselves. Many lightworkers came to earth with big ideas and are squashed by the existing family and societal system, leading them to believe their authentic nature is harmful to others. This results in significant trauma, but it is this very trauma that awakens them to the truth of who they really are.

I have intentionally been on a spiritual path since about 2012 and it’s definitely had its ups and downs.

Finding out, what we call reality is nothing more than a personal and collective dream is pretty overwhelming to say the least.

When the pandemic nonsense started in March I felt compelled to speak out on facebook where I wrote a long post, which was mostly not well received. Statements of ‘your beliefs are a danger to other people’ and ‘have you joined a cult’ really challenged me to remain calm.

What most people don’t realise is the mainstream beliefs are actually cult like. The darkness masquerades as the light and the light is seen as dark. Any system that trains you away from your own inner guidance is a cult.

The script needs to be flipped and we need to become internally guided rather than externally. We all have access to the same intelligence within.

Needing to control the environment is either a defensive strategy or a manipulative one and both could be considered one and the same at some level.

The key things for humanity to understand and integrate will be:

  • Reality is an illusion
  • We are each the creator of our own illusion
  • Our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions create the reality we live in
  • Other people/circumstances are personifications of our inner concept
  • Chance, fate and accident are made-up concepts
  • MSM, Govt, Big Tech/Pharma are motivated by money and power
  • Sickness, disease and death are 100% self-created
  • The environment is not inherently dangerous
  • We are one and undivided
  • Separation and lack are illusions
  • Time and space only exist in the mind
  • The human imagination is God
  • Religions mistakenly believe salvation lies outside
  • Mainstream education is predominantly indoctrination
  • Spirit never dies, only the body does
  • Earth is a game to be mastered
  • ET’s and UFO’s exist
  • Internal Validation is more important than External Validation

Our culture teaches us we have to suck it up and accept reality as it is, but this is not so. Reality is created by our beliefs and when we change our beliefs, reality changes.

This is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. To go from victim consciousness to victor consciousness takes time and patience. It also throws up many questions.

As the masses wake up more and more there will be much healing that needs to take place. Initially, there will be anger, revolt, powerlessness, confusion, fear and shock, but this will eventually turn into peace on earth. Societal change on this scale takes time but much is being done to help increase consciousness on this planet.

The awakening process is very disorienting and can feel like complete annihilation, but it passes off as we adjust.

The good news is 5D earth is all about love, oneness, fun, safety, progress, knowledge, mastery and health.

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing of a natural nature will be a major focus in 2021.

Ego ideals will start to be laid aside in favour of inner peace,

I believe eventually money will cease to exist as equality will make it valueless. The legal industry, government and many other industries will no longer be needed or will be re-configured to reflect the sovereign nature of human beings.

Fear is a made up concept which can be neutralised by love.

We truly have been living in hell, but thankfully heaven is just a mindset shift away.

It’s simple but not easy and self love is a very important factor.

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