12 Disciplines of Mind

The twelve disciplines of mind represent the 12 disciples in the bible. Enlightened beings have mastery in these areas because they know mastery in life is mental.

1. Trust & Use of Inner Guidance

Trusting inner guidance can be scary when we are used to looking externally for information and validation. Practice thinking for yourself and making your own decisions. Attune to your inner compass by looking within for signals about what you want to do.

2. Unwavering Faith & Courage

Because all things are possible to God, we just need to patiently insist and focus on the outcomes we want. We simply need to shift our self concept to align with the person who has already overcome the fear.

3. Turn the Other Cheek

Knowing what we interpret about external situations says more about us than it does about the situation, we can loving right it off as a temporary blip and re-focus on what makes us happy.

4. Unconditional Love of Self & Others

No one knows what another person has experienced in the past or what they are dealing with. Just because something is easy to us doesn’t mean it is easy for them. Lift people up and make allowances for their humanness, just as you would like them to do for you.

5. Patience & Persistence until Desires Realised

The desired state must become the dominant state for the desire to actually manifest into 3D. Sometimes we don’t know what needs to be moved in the external world for our manifestations to come about. Improving our self concept is the best way to feel confident and assured that what we want is on its way.

6. Awakened Imagination & Thought

As imagination is the creative power of God, once we know this we can use it to create anything we want. We have so much power it’s literally mindblowing. Our thoughts are creating all the time and our dominant thoughts create the expereince we generally live in. We can make people better, save lives, manifest money, people, travel, body changes etc. The world is our oyster.

7. Resolute Belief in Health & Wellbeing

When somebody tells you they are sick you can empathise with them in conversation but in your mind deny their sickness and trust they are well. This is called disciplined denial where we understand how reality works and use it the improve the world for ourselves and others. This is deliberate and not the same as ignoring things and hoping they go away.

8. Desires are Promise of Universal Gifts

Our desires are gifts from God. We are automatically given them according to our state of consciousness and path of evolution. Trying to ignore something we want is classed as sinning. Releasing resistance and loving the self means our desires can flow to us easily. The more innocent and trusting we feel the easier this is.

9. Self Aware & Self Correcting

Being aware everything we see externally is part of the whole that we are. Consciously noticing things we like and dislike and actively giving thanks for or revising situations is to be self aware and self correcting. Being self loving and forgiving is a big part of this process when feel out of alignment within.

10. Thanks, Praise, Gratitude & Appreciation

Giving thanks puts us in an abundant vibration and things we give thanks for invite more of the same. Showing gratitude to God for the wonderful things he freely gives us includes nature, love, beauty, water, freedom, creativity, family and friends, travel, innovation and education etc.

11. Only Hears the Good

Is focused on abundance and chooses to evaluate everything from the perspective of the creator. This involves seeing life as unfolding perfectly in a loving and peaceful way. It involves removal of personal bias and seeing reality as it truly is without casting a shadow over it.

12. Evolving, Solution Focused & Non Resistant

Not staying stuck in problems and immediately looking for the solution. All problems naturally occu along with the solutions so our point of focus is important here. When we actualise a desire we create a new one and this is part of the healthy process of evolution and deliberate living.

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