• Shadow

    Facing Terror & Rage

    When you seriously decide to look at the unconscious guilt and fear in the mind be prepared for the most intense rage and hatred to surface. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus states that…

  • Shadow

    Ego Backlash

    You feel as though you’re making progress on your spiritual journey because you feel more balanced, happy, and expansive, but then one day you wake up feeling really sad, hopeless, and guilty. Imagine the…

  • Spirituality

    The Kingdom of Heaven

    Throughout religious and spiritual literature we are taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within – but what on earth does that really mean? I am writing this from my own perspective and state…

  • Neville Goddard

    Everyone is You Pushed Out

    Everyone is You Pushed Out (EIYPO) is a term made famous by Neville Goddard, who understood and taught about the illusory nature of what we call reality (maya). It actually applies to everyone and…